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Popup Killer Softwareware

PopUp Stopper popup stopper
Panicware is proud to offer the ultimate in pop-up and pop-under window control, in easy-to-use products that are nationally recognized and trusted!

ExitKillerpopup stopper
Exit Killer 3.0 has only one purpose: to prevent any unwanted pop-up window generation on your screen. That is why it does it so well. Based upon four sensitivity levels Exit Killer 3.0 provides you with precise control. Each level filters variety of advertising pop-ups. The highest level prevents any pop-ups and you can be sure that nothing will ever bother your while surfing!

AntiPopUp for IE
Popup windows can be extremely annoying. They can appear without warning, even after you have exited from a site. AntiPopUp for IE is a small program that automatically closes a sponsor's Popups. Unlike many other similar programs, AntiPopUp for IE doesn't require that you add each popup window to a list as they occur. It uses the smart identification engine, which recognizes sponsor's popup windows and closes them automatically.

PopUp Agent
the latest in intelligent popup blocking software from Spytech Software! PopupAgent kills and stops ad popups from annoying you and wasting your browsing time on the web.

StopPops is the revolutionary software product that optimizes your Internet connection to eliminate those annoying pop-up ads and windows while you surf the web. It stops these windows dead in their tracks, speeding up your browsing speed and keeping you focused on what you're looking for. Better yet, StopPops still lets you view the pop-up windows if you choose - it only stops the ones you don't want to see .

PopUp Zapper
watches the work of your web browser and when it identifies a pop up window it makes in invisible to you and closes. Once in a while you may see a window flash open and close really fast. You can look at Pop-Up Zapper's counter on its Dock icon to see that it is working.

Popup Killa
IE Popup Killa 1.0 makes sure you never get swamped with browser pop-ups again. Simply turn it on whenever you need it.

Pop up Ad Filter
Tired of those annoying pop-up windows that appear on your screen when you're surfing the Web? Our software Popup Ad Filter works with Internet Explorer stopping all unsolicited pop-up ads. It reduces the visual clutter to save your productivity and time and give back you an uninterrupted surfing experience! .

Popup Killer popup stopper
Popup Killer makes surfing the web pleasant again. It runs quietly from your task bar, and automatically keeps all of those automatic spawning windows from opening when you go to sites. Popup Killer® is the most effect pop ad.

One of the worst aspects of having to deal with annoying "pop up" ads is that they slow down your computers performance. When you are online doing research or leisurely browsing your favorite sites, the last thing you should have to deal with is annoying advertisements popping up on your screen that slow down your computer. If you're sick and tired of dealing with these ads that constantly slow down your computer, NOPOPS!™ has come to the rescue.

Do away with annoying pop up ads that hog your bandwidth, delay your page loads, and simply get in the way.





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