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Popup Killer Softwareware

Super Popup Blocker
kill annoying unsolicited pop-up windows,even include unsolicited pop-up windows when you leave site. There's no need to designate particular websites or keywords - it works without human intervention.

Popup Smasher
blocks annoying popup and popunder windows that slow down your surfing and hurt your internet experience. Popup Smasher popup killer installs in seconds and blocks all popups with an easy to use interface. Constantly eliminating popups, you'll enjoy a faster web experience and you won't have to deal with those annoying popup windows that continually flood your screen.

Block annoying pop-up-windows for good and forever with STOPzilla! STOPzilla maximizes your surfing speed by guarding your system against annoying unwanted pop-up windows. With fully customizable options that allow you to configure STOPzilla to meet your surfing needs, you will never again be smothered in an endless sea of pop-ups!

PopupDummy! is an easy solution to block advertisement popups from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, and ad-ware desktop applications. It does not interfere with opening new web browsers and it does not require any initial setup by the user.

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FED-UP WITH ANNOYING POPUP-ADS? ZeroAds advanced pop-up prevention technology means you will be free from annoying pop-ups and pop-unders cluttering your screen and distracting you from your surfing experience.

GL-AD Popup Terminator
an intelligent software that can identify all the unwanted popup windows generated by web pages and suppresses them before they maturate. In addition, the product is capable of discerning what you want and don't want, it only kill the unwanted pop-ups while leaving alone the windows you need.

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PopUp Sweeper
PopUp Sweeper will enable you to close those annoying pop-up windows and enhance your Web surfing experience! There is no need to configure the program and you won't need to learn how to use it. Simply download and launch it.
PopUp Sweeper includes an IE Toolbox which is an extremely useful tool for customising your Internet Explorer..

PopUp Killer +
Donít allow all those annoying pop-ups drive you crazy. Reduce your stress by installing PopUp Killer+. Not only does it kill pop-ups and pop-unders, it can also remove banners thus accelerating your browsing experience. You will be able to view the detailed log of killed ads and easily add sites to the exception list and permit benign pop-ups by simply pressing CTRL key.





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